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I’ve moved where latentcontent.net (web and mail) are both hosted, so things might be funky for the next 24 hours or so while the TTL expires. If you see anything weird, broken, or gone, let me know. This isn’t really an upgrade (it’s on a busier system now), but now I’ve got mail and web/database on something with RAID and offsite backup, so I can have a little more comfort on data integrity. Once I finish the eventual project of getting a fully redundant offsite system for the rest of my data at home, then my medium-term hopes for this sort of crap will be complete.

I’m finding that, these days, I no longer have the patience for systems administration, as the last thing I feel like doing when I get home now is to start hacking away at some configs, or figure out why a tool isn’t building. As it is, my serial driver stopped working on my UPS, so now there’s no way for my fileserver at home to do a clean shutdown on power bleed, and I really don’t feel like troubleshooting it.

Anyhow, please leave a comment if something seems wacky.