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I’ve been resisting posting something to this effect for days, but I can’t help
it. Are the terrorists winning the “war on terror?” The hair gel bombers, an
unconvincing premise from the start, have been
debunked. One
may argue that the register may not be the most convincing source out there,
but then with the amount of information being made available, I find it much
harder to be convinced that the plot had any real threat from the start.

The way I see it, all that’s happened is that these terrorists have made
people more afraid to fly. They have made flying to, from and within various
parts of the world more inconvenient, and have, in doing so, made the Western
way of life even more miserable. In the end, without hurting a single person,
these folks have created a substantial amount of just the stuff every terrorist
aims to achieve, and the sensationalizing by the media and governments involved
is only helping them.