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Today was a much more sedate day; a good break after a day of stressful travel and such. We slept in till about 10, which was delicious, and then got up slowly with coffee and such. The big activity of the day was going out to the beach.

I’m used to beaches on small, rather private, Caribbean and middle American islands. This was a bit of a difference; the beach was huge, mostly in terms of depth from the dunes out to the shore. The sand was quite flat and packed nice and hard; numerous folks rode bikes and various wheeled vehicles down it with ease. Sarah spent her time sunbathing, and I went out and fought the waves and swam around a bit. The water was pretty muddy, but extremely warm and pleasant otherwise. I cut up my heel on an urchin, which was sucky, but it’ll be out in the open and shouldn’t infect, with luck.

Made arrangements when we got back to do a Dolphin-visiting earth-loving zodiac tour tomorrow; it should be a lot of fun.

After that, I finished Broken Angels (review shortly), and then we went out to body surf a bit on the waves in the afternoon. They started getting decent around 16:30, though we were fighting a mild rip tide, which made it somewhat exhausting to keep our reference point on shore.