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So I could have continued with the daily summaries, but they would have gotten a little drab. Lots of reading, swimming in the ocean, some warcraft, etc. To sum everything up, instead, here are some of the things I liked about Hilton Head Island:

  • Broadband
  • Easy to drive everywhere
  • Just like anywhere else in the US
  • Good grocery stores
  • Warm water
  • Low country peace out in the marshes
  • Appearance of low-density development
  • Quiet at night on the water
  • No barrier reef makes for better swimming
  • Bike-centric nature of beaches and communities


  • Actuality of high-density development
  • Broadband
  • Nothing to see under water, it’s extremely nutrient-rich
  • Lots of Americans; this sounds silly, but it feels like we never left Conencticut, except it got warmer, there’s a better bit of ocean, and the cars aren’t as expensive
  • Lots of children
  • Lots of people in general
  • Golf everywhere, which is great and all, but we don’t really get the benefit of that yet
  • Noisy by day on the water; beaches were packed even in the “off season”
  • It is much warmer and less moderate than the tropical places we’ve stayed. This struck me as odd, but I find it much more pleasant outside in the Caribbean
  • A surprisingly small amount of things to photograph

Overall, it was interesting to go somewhere in the US. I still want to spend a week of vacation sometime on the west coast, be it in Seattle or San Francisco. I’d like to visit Arizona, Hawaii, and Alaska. But, a week in South Carolina didn’t have that magic “this is a vacation” feeling like you get in Paris, Belize, Turks and Caicos, Cayman, etc.