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I’m stuck in Champaign for another day, due to weather delays out of ORD. Red-eye tomorrow morning if all goes well. It is, of course, weather-related, so therefore the airlines are not culpable. Thus the onus is on me (or my company as it were) to cover me for another hotel room and another night of rental car, assuming I could actually find the former (took 16 tries, hello shadiest Baymont ever!) and arrange the latter.

Not pleased.

Update: My connecting flight from ORD to HPN is still flying, but when I called them up originally, they had already rescheduled me for tomorrow morning. When I asked if I could still drive up to ORD and catch my flight to connect from there, they said that that was impossible, as there was a 20-person waitlist for all the flights that were still going (even though I was a ticket holder with a confirmed seat before). So I called them up again to check status, out of morbid curiosity (their website listed both of my flights as running) and now the ORD flight at least is doing just fine, so there was no reason I couldn’t have driven up to ORD and made my fucking flight. By assuming what I wanted to do, they didn’t give me the option to take another route, which was perfectly reasonable since I had a good four hours to make it from central IL to Chicago. What a brilliant fucking waste of my time and my company’s money.