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As some of you may remember, traveling sucks. So, not knowing exactly when the information session I was supposed to present on campus would be, beyond that it would be tomorrow, I scheduled my flight for this evening.

I got to the airport nice and early and waited in line for over ninety minutes. In front of me was a small line, maybe a dozen passengers who had been on one of the half dozen earlier cancelled flights. My flight was still on-time for departure (the only one of the day), but they only had two computers, two agents, and all of these people to handle. Having been rescheduling people all day, there were of course no options for folks, which of course made them irate, which meant even longer delays for the people behind them.

So, fine, ninety minutes pass, and I get up there. My flight is still on time but the equipment “has not yet left O’Hare” (keep in mind we take off in 30 minutes at this point), and “doesn’t look like it’s going to be.”

So, I get to fly out tomorrow instead, nice and early, and provided there are no delays, I should make it to the information session in the evening with plenty of time to spare.

What kills me is that I scheduled flights this way to avoid travel drama, yet it ended up just causing more of it. Only due to the buffer I’d built in (for this reason, I suppose) will I still make it in time to actually do my job.

This of course then lead to talking to call centers in another country (National Car Rental and Orbitz both) in an awkward discussion of trying to change my car and hotel reservations. Fun times!

Of course, I also scheduled myself to fly back on Saturday, because I couldn’t be sure that I’d have enough time for the last interview to also make the flights out on Friday night. We’ll see if I actually get home this weekend.