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I arrived at CMI nice and early, and they said “hey, we have an earlier flight today, it leaves in 6 minutes, if you can make it through security.” So I did, and it was swell. I then had to wait 6 hours at ORD before my flight to HPN, but it was going to be 5 hours anyhow, so it wasn’t a big difference. And, now, having wasted a good 12 hours on a weekend, I’m home, which is good, I guess.

Special note: 400+ pound people sitting in the seat in front of you reduce your legspace by 2-3 inches, even if they’re not reclining.

Better note: Stewardess moved said person to two seats by themselves, and away from my legspace.

Anyhow, I’m pleased to say that there was not a single delay or unpleasant factor in my travel today. Got to see the leaves changing coming into the east as well, which was nice.