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Made it to Lime rock, in preparation for my high performance driving school tomorrow.

I stopped by the track on the way up, it’s surprisingly cramped getting in there (one has to cross a wooden bridge to get to the paddock), and watched some sort of formula cars racing around the track. Looked like Formula Atlantic ships, but that’s just a wild stab and probably wrong. They had a decent amount of aero surfaces, and weren’t that loud.

It felt good; I got that weird tingly “yeah, this feels right” feeling while watching them on the back straight. Freaking gnats were everywhere, though, so I didn’t take too man pictures (didn’t help that the sun was setting either). Drove down by the Skip Barber storage area, where they kept all the porches, BMWs, vipers, etc. Got some dirty looks and decided I better bugger off for the time being.

I’m really excited for tomorrow. :)

Checked into Interlaken Inn, which seems mostly decent, beyond paper-thin walls with children in rooms on both side of me. At least they go to bed early.

Had dinner at the restaurant on site, which was ok; the salad with smoked duck was decent, though the arugula was horribly wilted. One roll had spots of mold, the other had some sort of roast meat drippings on it. Ew. Please try again. The lamb was good though chunks of it tasted like fish, which was weird. The house-made ice cream decent until I got to the freezer-burned part. House coffee was decent.

But, to get to the point of things, pay-to-play Internet access is so 12 months ago. I’m sorry, but any $100+ a night hotel room should include free broadband. Please try and keep up.