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So I’ve dropped off my car for service again. The symptoms:

  1. Check engine light was on for four days. Day of service of course it’s off, but it should still be stored by the computer.
  2. Rear driver-side door seal is cracking.
  3. Clutch pedal goes in cycles. For a week it will be quiet, and then the next week it will sound like a reclining chair spring every time I use it. Of course, since I brought it to the dealership, it’s not making any noise right now.

Expected outcome:

  1. TGV is stuck again. Guidance from Subaru of America will again be “wait till it happens again before doing anything.” So far I’ve had the TGV assembly replaced once, and since have had: One symptomless CEL for TGV, one TGV CEL where I had almost zero power (it was like driving the 2.0L normally aspirated, but it still had to breathe through a turbo that wasn’t spinning), and the most recent multi-day CEL with no symptoms. There’s obviously something wrong on the intake manifold side of things on my car, and despite replacing the TGV assembly in the past, it’s obviously not fixed yet. In any event, what am I going to hear? “Bring it back again if you experience any symptoms.”
  2. They should replace it. I’m still under full warranty. Labor and parts should be free, paid by Subaru of America.
  3. “We took a look, and everything looks fine.”

We’ll see how I do after I hear back from them. I’m starting to get real nervous, because there are only a few months of warranty left, and the car continues to have these little minor issues. I don’t want to find out in retrospect that they were the harbinger of a catastrophic drivetrain failure whose repair will be financed out of my pocketbook.

I probably should have brought donuts, to see if that helped things.