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Alright, first the bad stuff. Just got a Kenwood in-dash double-din (DPX 501) receiver that works with a Sirius receiver. Got it because my starmate was getting worse and worse about recognizing whether it had an antenna. I think the brokenness was in the dock itself, but on the off-chance it was a dock connector on the unit, I didn’t want to keep purchasing and supporting a poor design of receiver. This way I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff that’s hard-wired to the car, and I don’t have to deal with FM modulators and all that crap.

That’s fine and all, but the manual that comes with the thing is horrid, and doesn’t cover a good half of the receiver’s functionality. The index is pointless (it lists the starting page for huge sections of stuff), and the specific instructions are cryptic and presuppose your head doesn’t work. Pure crap.

But the good news comes now. First off, got the stereo and Sirius adapter installed at Circuit City’s Road Shop. They did a great job, got the work done when they said they would, and were very friendly and professional. Sweet. Unlike a lot of car install places, it didn’t feel all seedy and populated by high school kids with zero understanding of … well, anything. I’m not sure where they hid the Sirius tuner (morbid curiosity is making me wonder, since I would have installed it under the passenger seat or in the trunk), but that’s ok too. The installer gave me his card and offered that I drive by at any time or give him a call if I have any problems or questions. Sounds dumb, as that’s just basic service, but I found the whole experience quite pleasant.

Second off, I had to spend some time on the phone with Crutchfield to figure out why my aux input wasn’t working. (It’s easy, really. Select the STANDBY input, hold menu for at least two seconds, push the control selector up towards the FM selection (not down towards AM) until one reaches AUX INPUT and then select the control nob and move it to right or left (but don’t click it in) to select ON. Why I couldn’t find that in the manual? See paragraph 1.) They very quickly found the answer so my problems, were patient with me as I applied their advice, and resolved my issue. Wait time was reasonable (got to a tech support person in under 2 minutes from my exit from the automated voice system (yell “operator” until it gives you one)).

Third off, the Sirius support experience was nice. Granted, the operator that I talked to was bitching about how she wanted to get off work, but I got to her quickcly, and within a few minutes we’d completed switching to my new tuner and adding Playboy radio to my subscription.

Still not sure how that last bit is going to work out … but curiosity again won out: How does an industry based on pictures work out in the audio realm?