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I thought I knew Norwalk and most of the good things I’d ever figure out about it, but then I come along something new. Today I found a garden center down Richards avenue that sells firewood.

We’re not talking the plastic-wrapped wet logs you find at Stop and Shop for $5 for 5 wimpy 10" logs. We’re talking 24" logs that are dried outdoors. 30 for 25 and they throw in 5 for free because the lady in front of me knew somebody who knew somebody (long story not worth telling).

Now, it gets better. They load the logs into your car for you.

Better yet? I can just buy a whole cord of wood, and they’ll store it. Whenever I want another 25-50 logs (about all I can fit in my loop on my porch), I can just swing by and pick them up. So, I get all the wood, I get it at cord rates, and it doesn’t appear to suck. I’ll burn the 30 logs I got as a sample and see what I think of the wood (they also sell back logs at $2.50 a pop, and fatwood in bundles larger than 20 sticks — by the pound, that is to say, as well as kindling that isn’t just slats of cut up 2×4s; I’m not yet sure I have the skill to get a back log properly up to temperature in my fireplace, but I’m excited just the same). If I’m happy I’m awful tempted to buy a cord of it.

Anyway, the real nice bit is … the people are nice. You don’t find that out here much.