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I’m flirting with the idea of abandoning FLAC and switching to apple lossless. Here’s my decision support thus far (will keep updating this as I play with the process):


  • Ripping is trivial. Put in disc. It dings when done. Alburm art, track infor, etc, is already there. I’m used to a much more manual and irritating process.
  • iTunes has a good UI and easy tie-ins to exploring other music on ITMS.
  • There are better hardware players out there for AAC and apple loossless than there are for FLAC.
  • I can just keep everything on an external disk and use my powerbook as my media player, meaning I don’t have to use any work hardware to play music at work, which I prefer.
  • If I’m careful about things, I can just keep this stuff backed up on external drives and free up a bunch of space on my file server. This sounds dumb, but it means first off I don’t need to upgrade my file server any time soon (most of the space is eaten up with FLAC rips of my CDs) and when I finally get off my ass and finish my offsite backup solution, it doesn’t need to be that huge.
  • If my primary workstation crashes/reboots/whatever, it doesn’t matter. Audio is separate.
  • I don’t have to deal with undocking and all that crap.


  • The codec is closed, I can’t trivially convert back to FLAC
  • I’ve not used iTunes enough yet to be sure I prefer it over console players and, say, foobar2000 on the PC.
  • I can’t play anything on my existing hardware player (well, sort of, in theory rockbox sort of supports AAC/ALAC, but not well enough to be useful, which means I need to convert down to MP3).
  • I’ve already ripped, renamed, organized, and tagged my entire library to both Ogg and FLAC, so it’s a lot of work.
  • Codec conversion in iTunes is a headache with a bad interface.
  • Performance of iTunes seems to be rapidly decreasing as I had more CDs.
  • Show duplicates mode in itunes thinks any two tracks with the same artist and song name are dupes, even if they have different albums, lengths, etc.