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The Dreamers wasn’t quite what I expected. On one hand it’s a film about an incestuous love triangle, focusing more on self-absorbption than anything with any real meaning. Yeah. Quick shock value: Nudity, graphic depictions of sexul and mature material, and incest? Check, check, check. Alright, it’s NC-17, got it. What else?

They go and try to tack on some meaning in the film, by trying to show the previous theme is merely self-indulgence, tying back instead to the poorly established plot of political activism and familial tension and abandonment. This chunk of the film seems more an afterthought however, and while I “get it” and understand the interrelation, I don’t feel like it was well done.

I think it’s a film that’s been made important and controversial because of the shock value (and, to be fair, the more shocking portions of the film are the better done parts), but it doesn’t have much to offer otherwise. 5/10.