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Alright, so I know it’s going to sound like I’m about 5 years late coming to the party… but I’ve started using half.com.

See, I realized that, in re-ripping my entire music library, there’s a lot of stuff that I thought I owned but I don’t seem to have a physical copy of the media. In starting over from scratch, I’m able to ensure that I am perfectly legal, as I’ve only created digital copies of media for which I have a license. It’s sort of novel.

Anyhow, to support this, there are various things I’ve been listening to but didn’t actually own, which was bad, so I’ve been going to half.com to restore my legal right to that media. As I’ve explained before, for me that means I need to own a physical copy of the media to which I intend to listen.

This became even cooled because I realized you could do some crazy things like “alert me when these 40 items I should own are selling for less than $1.”

The only downside to the whole affair is now I have to leave feedback, a hassle I never really appreciated about eBay. You get all sorts of email nags about it, and then some folks send long notes in their packages to you indicating how important feedback is and how your transaction (yes, that $1 + $1.30 for shipping was an emotional experience) means a lot to them.