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At work we have a bathroom. It has five sinks. For logistical reasons, there is one sink that is:

  1. Closest to the door
  2. Closest to the urinals
  3. The most direct path away from the stalls.

As a result, this sink’s soap dispenser is almost always empty, because it’s the highest traffic sink. Looking at the bathroom, it should be obvious that this will be the highest traffic sink.

Now, ultimately the problem is that when the janitorial staff notice that this soap dispenser is empty, they don’t make the logical connection that they should probably visit and fill it more often. That said, I’m a fan of idiot-proofing. So, why not do the intuitive thing and give this sink an extra-large soap dispenser? Alternatively, design a bathroom such that there is no obvious high traffic sink. I am no interior designer, and I’m not a plumber, but I am an engineer and I can safely say that it doesn’t take much thought to realize that there are two easy solutions to this problem while still in the design phase.