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There’s something about starting the week at the Subaru dealership that makes life more … well, it’s a Monday, anyhow. My rear driver-side door no longer has a failing seal, which is a plus. More importantly, after several failed attempts to find anything wrong, the technicians now indicate that my clutch pedal was out of adjustment, and that was causing all the noise. A quick adjustment and some more lubrication (I’m starting to get the sense that the way to solve any noise in a car is to dump grease into it until the noise of part failure can’t get out), and now I can actually get into first gear. As an added bonus, there aren’t any more funny ratcheting noises when I release the clutch.

This all wouldn’t matter too much, but being stuck at the dealership meant it was even later when I got to work, which is a bit more hectic than usual. I’ve just taken over management of my group as of Friday afternoon, and there’s an awful lot of stuff I need to get a handle on, plus I’m out for training the next two days.

Combine with that a headache and a painful cough that I can’t shake, and well, there’s one thing for sure: It must be Monday.