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So I’ve done the firefox 2.0 thing for a few days now. Coolest thing is the speed improvement and online spell checking in text areas. I sort of wish it spell checked normal inputs as well, though that’s just a little niggle.

The weird tab bar buttons irk me a bit still. I like that I have side-scrolling buttons, in that it makes for a more visually appealing effect, but in terms of usability I think I much preferred the “mash as many tabs as physically possible into the tab bar” approach.

I accidentally closed this window, and just restored it without having to start over now that the “recently closed tabs” functionality is built right into the browser. Two thumbs up.

As dumb as it sounds, it also doesn’t seem to suffer from the random DNS mess-ups that plagued me on the G5 powermac (and only the G5 powermac) that would cause me to arbitrarily not be able to find, say, google.com for a few seconds. At first I thought this was a problem just with the G5-specific builds, but I later saw it in the normal Firefox 1.5 releases, whereas I’m not seeing it at all in 2.0 thus far. Keeping fingers crossed…

I think there are a lot of people that have done much more thorough and insightful reviews out there, but just speaking subjectively, I think this is a pretty nice improvement over the old browser, which I already enjoyed.

I’ve yet to give IE7 a shot. I don’t know that I’ve ever pointed this out here, but I develop PC software by day, and I’d say 90 to 95% of my development at work is exclusive to the Windows platform, yet the only product I own that runs a Microsoft OS at home is my Xbox 360. That’s kind of weird.