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Sarah and I went on a date to the Darien Playhouse to see The Departed. It was sort of weird. It’s a small little theater, and only old people go there. We were probably the youngest people there, it was awesome, save for the collective gasps whenever somebody died in particularly gruesome fashion. They had the sound turned a little high, though that was probably for the old people too.

I’ll just start things off by saying that any film in which most everybody dies tends to fare better on my scale. Err, I mean, nobody dies, it’s a romantic comedy, look the other way.

The acting was pretty good, and it’s a good cop/bad cop film with lots of action and plot twists.

That said, after about 90 minutes of twists and turns, I sort of got bored of waiting for the next turn, because it got to the point that you could sort of see it coming (oh, guess who’s going to go off the building… huh, wonder if he’ll notice the envelope… maybe he’ll fall in love with the therapist too…)

Alright, maybe now is a good time to mention that if you aren’t interested in spoilers, you probably shouldn’t have read this far.

One of the better action films I’ve seen in a while, but after a point you start feeling like you’ve been watching a slow train wreck for an awful long time, and it would be awful nice for things to just happen so we can get it over with. 6/10.