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Saw two things this week that struck me as clever.

First, I’ve got to hand it to Durex, they’ve created a market for disposable ring vibrators. In a word: genius. First, they get you on high-margin condoms with features (heat-activated anesthetics, various textures, shapes, sizes, and lubricants) and now they’ve figured out that they may as well charge you a few bucks for a 20-minute disposable vibrator. Even better? It lets them make money on customers that are no longer using condoms. Pure genius.

Second, during my somewhat unsuccessful trip to the mall, I noticed that Coke made the genius move of putting the mall maps on coke machines. Rather than having mall maps with some static ads out in the open, one now stares at the mall map, which just happens to, three inches away, have a dollar bill accepter and the means to procure a frosty and convenient beverage. Awesome.