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Habana Restaurant in Norwalk was interesting. Sky and I visited, hoping to find excellent cubanos and whatever else came our way.

We started with ceviche and some corn tortillas with stewed pork. The ceviche was ok, a bit tough and unexciting — pretty basic citrus + onions + peppers + shrimp + scallops mixture, prepared decently but not expertly. Almost impossible to eat without a spoon, which was great since we didn’t have a spoon.

The stewed pork and tortillas was better, but hardly worth the money. The provided chipotle sauce tasted like it was from a bottle.

So at this point I should mention the service. Downright horrid. They hardly ever stopped by, never noticed our empty water or soda glasses, and at one point completely cleared our table by accident. It was like pulling teeth to get more bread while waiting for our main course, and at one point they brought out our appetizers … again, which lead to the uncomfortable conversation ultimately ending in “no, we’re quite sure we’ve already eaten our appetizers.”

The main course was a cuban sandwich for me, and some lamb prepared god knows how for Sky. The cuban sandwich was the highlight of the night, with excellent texture and flavor. Probably the best cuban sandwich I’ve had. The lamb was downright boring, flavorless, and uninspired, and a complete waste of time and money.

We finished up after the meal with some churros. The churros were perfect, but the provided chocolate dipping sauce tasted like a commercial mix, and only made the donuts worse.

Go for the cuban sandwich, but otherwise, skip the place.