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I think with Crash I’m officially tired of the “a whole bunch of meaningful but small vignettes that all somehow tie together in the end, even though you never expected that they would, and everything in the world is all interrelated” movie frame. There’s nothing wrong with this frame, but it’s no longer impressive enough on its own without something meaningful to say. Granted, Crash tries to focus on race politics in a nice neat “at the end of the day, everything isn’t as it seems, and it’s all good” sort of way. I pretty much hated the film, and don’t think it said anything insightful or meaningful, rather I think it played at the fact that it was trying too hard to say something insightful or meaningful, and bludgeon you in the head with it. It was well done, but overdone; few things are more offensive than a film that tells you it’s important. 3/10.