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Couldn’t fall asleep again last night until after 2.

Woke up this morning at 4:00 when the power went out. Fell back asleep quickly, then it went out at 4:30 with a loud banging sound. Can’t figure out if that was real or part of a dream as I was waking up to the void again. Power came back again, but I couldn’t fall asleep, and I spent the remainder of the time until 6:00 wide awake, fearing the alarm wouldn’t go off, I guess. At 6:05 the power went out again, so I finished my shower in pitch black (the top floor bathroom has no windows), which was novel, I suppose.

Went to the computer room, where both of the cats were on the desk looking at me, probably confused by the lack of power. This was awesome, so I grabbed both of them at the same time and put them in their carriers. Easiest cat-catching ever. Suckers. Maybe the power failure was a blessing, since it made them curious.

Took them up to Sarah’s folks so they’ll be monitored for the holiday, and headed to work. Logged into my server at home and discovered that the power came back right at 6:58, about three minutes from system shutdown on the UPS (technically, that’s only partially true, as it had already powered off all the power macs (G5 == half my UPS load) and the backup servers, just leaving the main server and telecom intact). Three cheers for the UPS. Still no idea why the power is going out at 4AM on a perfectly calm and quiet morning, and didn’t see any trucks out on the road, so I assume it’s something up at the main switching station or beyond (which is only a short drive from my condo as it is).

Sarah gets back from her 10-day trip to California tonight at 8 (which means she gets in around 10), and then we’ll wake up tomorrow morning about 3:30 so we can get to the airport in time to make it to Michigan. Fun times!