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So, I sort of got tired of dealing with the ongoing csoft problems, and I’m trying dreamhost, we’ll see how it works. If the website randomly craps out or dies, let me know. DNS should be fully synced up within a day or two.

Update 1: Seems like most of the trouble thus far is a trashed database dump from csoft since I didn’t have lock privileges on my schema, and lost a few column modifiers (but, strangely, not indices). I’m trying to rebuild these by hand (and in the process realizing how disturbing it is not playing with mysql at my current or previous jobs — it’s been a while), but if that fails I’ll probably drop the database, rebuild from the txp distribution, and repopulate the data. Whee! Thus far, though, all email for primary domains seems to be working right. Of course, if somebody wrote to told me that it wasn’t, and it didn’t make it through…