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So I didn’t mean to interrupt the narrative for random tales of site maintenance about which nobody cares. We did indeed make it to the Midwest to see family and friends. Spent Wednesday with my brother, which ended up involving a trip to the Mongolian barbecue place (meh) and watching Casino Royale again.

But, I should interrupt this story by telling you that our rental car was off-site. I didn’t grasp this until we arrived at the airport and I saw that I had to call the Enterprise to get shuttled over to their actual rental building.

Once we got there, it took us maybe 30 minutes to get our PT Cruiser, despite that there was no line. The lady felt compelled to tell us everything, make sure we did the full visual walk-around, wait for the car to finish its car wash, explain the controls of the vehicle, you name it. No joke, 30 minutes. Then we found out that their office opened at 9 on Saturday when we were flying out at 8. “Take a taxi” was the response.

Yeah, never renting at Enterprise again.

Thursday went and had family dinner, which was nice. Friday saw some friends and folks/grandma, which was also nice.

Saturday we flew back, and the DTW to HPN flight was hellish, due in large part to a child and her nanny/mother who felt compelled to use the entire plane as her personal playpen. About 20 minutes into the flight she and her kid randomly moved from the front of the plane where they were assigned, to the back of the plane, where they proceeded to begin playing with light shades, tray tables, seat backs, and anything else that could cause irritation. The little rat was incredibly loud, and was only quiet when listening to her personal DVD player … at full blast with no headphones. I’ll spare you the details, except that at one point she complained about the fact that my wife’s legs were hitting the chairback of the little child as it repeatedly bounced it back and forth, and asked if this could be stopped, mentioning that “people are so rude.” I said something properly rude in response, and received the extremely confusing retort “Do I know you?”

All told, not much to write about, but it was a good trip and I’m glad we did it. Now we’ve got a few weeks of random obligations, and then it’s off to Kansas for Christmas, new years as of yet undetermined…