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  1. You can no longer by American Express gift cards in Connecticut, it seems. I thought it was just Staples that had stopped stocking them, but I cannot order one directly from American Express either. In a quick search, I couldn’t find an explanation why, though I suspect it might have something to do with the Connecticut Gift Card law, which prevents such things from expiry.
  2. Generally the best way to find a good doctor/mechanic/plumber/painter/contractor is to find somebody else you trust who has had good experiences. Unfortunately, “Hey Fred, had any luck with a psychologist in the area?” probably isn’t the best conversation starter. Then there’s the whole stigma of “Why is Bob asking around for a psychologist?” Shame, really.
  3. In the last month, UPS has either failed to deliver or severely delayed delivery of at least four shipments of mine from Amazon.com. All were “premium” shipping and “second-day air” and all were direct from Amazon. I’ve had zero issues with direct ships from Amazon vendors, or with shipping via “slower” methods. Far from statistical certainty here, but I think Amazon is probably sending the wrong message by screwing up its Amazon Prime deliveries.
  4. I’ve scheduled a physical for early January. It only took me about two and a half years. I’ve got the dental thing under control, but it’s probably about time for another eye exam. I still don’t have a primary physician, which while perfectly valid under the whole PPO thing, is a little disconcerting. It would be nice to have somebody who knows the various things that are already wrong with me (not that anybody can actually explain them) so that when I go with a chest pain we can skip the 30 minutes of inconclusive background story, but that’s probably a pipe dream.