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As mentioned, Sarah and I went to the west coast for New year’s. Since I’ve been neglecting to post photos of my kitties, here’s a shot of Loki for no particular reason:

Anyhow, we flew out on JetBlue, which was a first for me. JFK’s JetBlue terminal is … interesting. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that density of eating choices, though the complete lack of non-eating seating is somewhat disheartening. After the aforementioned delays, I busied myself with the satellite TV, until I remembered that watching television sucks when you have to watch commercials too. Thus, I read, but I didn’t manage to finish anything outright on the trip. C’est la vie.

Right, so we got in pretty late Friday, so we did little beyond locating our hotel. Saturday, we headed into San Francisco, and visited Ritual Coffee Roasters, hailed by many to be the best in the bay area. Sarah’s espresso was decent, and my latte was gorgeous:

Sarah later had some hairbender french press from Stumptown that was also rather nice, and I picked up a souvenir mug. Pretty damn nice coffee shop, if you ask me. The shrine to the pony was kind of weird though.

From there, we drove up to Fisherman’s Wharf, navigating by way of insane signs like these:

We walked along the water and looked at the shops and tourist traps; the following is a magnificent example:

Sarah was a bit cold and I a bit hungry (my earlier breakfast at In-N-Out having worn out), so we visited a Crepe maker in a cart. His crepes were OK, but it took forever and wasn’t really worth it. Sarah’s coffee was ass-terrible. Spoiled by Paris, I guess, where they’re actually fast food. And good. Real good.

Overall though, it was a nice walk. We stopped at Boudin next, where we sampled a sourdough loaf, a dutch crunch loaf, and a chocolate raisin loaf. All were pretty good, but not as good as either Zingerman’s or Paris. In a pinch, if you’re not living in Paris or Ann Arbor, probably not an awful way to go.

Then a walk back to our parking at the tourist trap that is Ghiradelli Square, and out of the city we went, to Rendezvous with Kaytie and Jennie for dinner (a thai restaurant in Pleasanton – Bangkok 101 (the sign just read “kok 101” due to bulb failures), was decent but not spicy enough, service was good). Afterwards we headed back to their place to chat for a bit before heading to bed.

Sunday we returned to Jennie and Kaytie’s, where we spent the time playing Munchkin: Impossible, which was a lot of fun. They have kitties, but I only photographed Dallas. Here’s her nose:

See, I’m all about kitty blogging.

Anyhow, modulo a lot of this and that, Jay arrived from Colorado, and we all headed to a party being thrown by one of Larry’s coworkers. Much spirit consumption and revelry ensued.

Monday was pretty quiet; we visited Kaytie at work and slowly made our way to the airport to head home. All told was an awesome trip, and am glad we did it.