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So let’s just say you are an Anthem BCBS subscriber in the state of Connecticut, and you decide you want to talk to a psychologist:

Your plan does not require referrals for behavioal health services, however before seeking any mental health or substance abuse services, you must [ed: their emphasis] call 1-888-605-0580.

So, you can’t just pick a psychologist out of the directory and go talk to them. First you have to call this number, and then god knows what happens.

So I called the number this evening, curious as to what I would find. I’m told if I need to pre-clear myself or if this is a mental health emergency, I can do something or other, otherwise I should call back during normal working hours.

Thanks for that.

So let’s just say I don’t feel like broadcasting to all my coworkers that I want to talk to a psychologist, and I don’t have a flexible job that will allow me to get away to call this number during normal working hours? Obviously I have neither of these issues (I’m blogging about it, so anybody who can use Google can read it, and my employer is pretty good about being flexible for its employees).

Some people are not real comfortable with the whole idea of behavioral health assistance in the first place, and arbitrary barriers in the way like this are a real great way to push them away from help until it becomes more serious or they decide to off themselves.

Great job, guys!