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Yeah, so did the physical thing, that was fun. I’m now innoculated against whooping cough, which is apparently making a fierce comeback in recent months.

The place was interesting; it’s all done up with expensive wood (veneers, at least), fancy locker rooms, embroidered (still fit like crap) gowns, and the like. Somewhat depressing, most of the brochures on the way related to alcoholism. I guess the target demographic for an “Executive Health Exam” is a somewhat prone to this.

In short, I should really exercise, eat fewer carbohydrates, take glucosamine, get a better multivitamin, consider seeing a physical therapist, it’s about time I got my vision checked again, and I can’t hear much in my right ear; no real surprises. We’ll see if there’s anything fun in the lab work.

Oh, and the doctor is convinced everything wrong (with everyone) is a thyroid problem, and thinks I may have one as well, based on looking at my fingernails and my heels being dry and cracked. I only knew of heavy metal toxicity as being indicated by fingernails, so it was a new one for me. Apparently he spends a lot of time studying and working with patients who have thyroid issues. I’m not saying that he’s wrong, who knows, he might be right (they’re running that test panel), but I’m inclined to be suspicious that if one spend all of their time treating one issue, suddenly everything looks like it’s caused by that issue.