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So I’ve had occasional issues where, depending on where I sent my DVDs back, Netflix would take more than a day to receive them. Till this last weekend, I had a special trick, in that I only saved my White Plains envelopes, as those always made it back in one day.

Of course, I used them this Monday, and it took until Wednesday to get there.

Then it got more interesting. Wednesday two movies shipped.

Thursday one of those movies was registered as returned, and my next movie was queued for shipping. Complained to Netflix (and this was difficult to do; they hide this capability from subaccount users):

We appreciate you letting us know that you never received the movie, yet it was checked back into our warehouse. It is the policy of the USPS to return mail that is undeliverable. The most common reasons are: the mail was damaged in processing and the label was illegible, the mailer cover became separated from the rest of the envelope, or an error with the USPS known as “Looping” occurred where the movie was returned to us in error instead of being delivered.

If you still wish to view this title, please feel free to add it to your Rental Queue.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

So it’s cool, this may well have been a USPS problem, and not their fault. But why would their system not red-flag the fact that they’d sent out a movie and then received it faster than it would be possible for this to happen? Further, why should I now have to interactively re-add the movie that I was supposed to get to my queue? That’s sort of crappy.