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I have a serious qualm with web pagination. My premise is rather simple: Your web browser has a scroll bar, and your mouse has a scroll wheel. If you are lacking the latter, you have page control buttons on your keyboard.

Broadband is ubiquitous. Further, most of the bandwidth used by a modern news site is not the “content” but rather the advertisements, design elements, and other random crap. There are no savings by putting the last two paragraphs (or the next four segments) of the stories on additional pages. There is no value to having little navigators to go to specific pages in an article. We have headings and intra-document links for a reason. Use them. Let me use my scroll wheel.

Also, stop putting features to control font size on an article.

And stop providing “print me” buttons. Just provide a print version of your CSS. Don’t make me think. Don’t make me hit a button. The only reason I use print views is to get rid of all the pagination crap and advertisement. I shouldn’t have to.