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First, there was a guy next to me on the plane. Forties or so. His TV didn’t work, and he didn’t pack any backup entertainment, so he was fidgety like a child for the 6.5 hour flight, constantly getting up, walking back and forth, etc. After about three hours of this he started getting successful hitting on one of the attendants, and then he and she disappeared to the back of the plane.

Second, to every Hertz employee out there, I don’t care that you would like to know my personal life story. I don’t want to share it with you, and I don’t care about yours. I just want the car I booked, at the rate I booked (no, I don’t want an upgrade, and no, I didn’t want to wait for you to print me a comp sheet to tell me why I should upgrade to the Infiniti G35), without any insurance (and when I said no insurance, you can stop showing me the options and explaining them), and on and on. Pure pain!

Anyhow, made it out of JFK only an hour late, and checked into hotel. Time to get some sleep so I can get to the conference tomorrow.