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Everybody is excited about twitter now, and I’m not sure I get it. Seems like the sesame street generation version of blogging combined with that special form of cultural dance known as “saying things in your away message.” The great big upside of using bitlbee is that I can stay disconnected from my primary IM, but always be “online.” This means I don’t miss messages, though they may come a bit late. Oh, and centralized logging, which is key. Of course, this means I’ve turned my IM more into an email sort of thing, but … whatever. Downside is bitlbee doesn’t really support the reading of other away messages, so I miss out on that particular bit of fun. I think it would be great if twitter could aggregate that information for me from other users, but that’s entirely another story.

Anyhow, I made a twitter account. If I end up using it regularly, I’ll link it in the sidebar.