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I’m easily distracted by noises in the night, especially those that don’t happen frequently under my normal sleeping conditions. One way I combat that when traveling is to always have the HVAC unit at full fan, which keeps the white noise up and makes it harder to be distracted by all of the things that are happening.

Strangely, the HVAC unit in my hotel room is nearly silent. It uses a large drum-type blower that moves at low speeds and achieves moderate air flow, and combines this with actuated vanes to distribute the airflow around the room. The downside to this is I now hear the sound of the compressor in the fridge triggering on and off, and I hear the sound every time the relay triggers (I don’t know what causes the high-voltage “surge” sound) the heat pump to do something. I find it somewhat odd that I’m more troubled by a quiet HVAC unit than a terribly noisy one.