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My coffee drama continues. I’ll continue to write about this as if it were something important, when in fact it’s the most meaningless thing in the world.

A good double is an art form, exceeded perhaps in difficultly only by an exceptional single, which I acknowledge to be far beyond my ability. Since returning from California, I haven’t been able to pull a single double worth drinking, which has been rather distressing. Beans are good, grind is consistent, pressure is correct, temperature is correct. Grinds measured out to 14.5g. Tamp looks good. Dosing as it grinds, so clumping isn’t a visible problem. Have tried adjusting grind to be overly coarse. Overly fine. Basket is dry. Tried ridged and ridgeless double basket. Ran Grindz through espresso grinder. Cafiza backflushed the group (though I haven’t gone the extra step of rebuilding the dispersion assembly yet).

About the only thing that doesn’t seem technically ideal is the blend; I’ve run out of Puro Scuro from Sweet Maria’s, and have had to resort to my backup stock of Classic Italian blend. Another 10 pounds of the former is on the way, but it usually takes about 8 days to get here from California, sadly. Spot checked it in an aeropress yesterday though, and the roast itself doesn’t taste like crap.

Every puck is coming up edge or center channeled. I can only assume it’s a technique issue, as all of the objective indicators seem spot on.

Today I pulled out the I Win button, and dug out the triple basket and bottomless portafilter. It feels like cheating, but I need an ego boost. First two pulls were not particularly good (pulled a 21.25g ristretto for Sarah that was drinkable but chalky, puck only had a single side channel, which by recent standards was tolerable). Second pull was a 21g stall, chucked it. Third was a 20g ristretto, puck was soupy and the grind was a bit too fine, but it at least didn’t taste like ass; ended up halting the pull at about 1.75oz (seriously ristretto), and while far from good it was the best I’ve done in a wee bit.

So, that sort of sucks. On the upside, I seem to have pulled excellent milk texturing ability out of my ass (temporary, I’m sure), so I may soon be able to mask the awful espresso with a rosetta of my own.