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I’ve been writing a lot, but nothing for public consumption, sorry about that. Trying some new things. Trying to get what I need.

Went for our first hike of the season last weekend. I’m out of shape, no big shocker there. I think we’re going to wash our cars Saturday, maybe we’ll make it out for another baby hike Sunday.

I’ve started taking notes for an essay I want to write. The short and quick: XML is as dangerous as GOTO. I don’t know when or if I’ll ever finish.

I’m most of the way through The Timeless Way of Building. More when I finish, but thus far it’s been excellent, and I’d recommend it without reservation for anybody who builds or designs anything. I’m falling behind, just the same, on my goal of finishing a technical book per month.

Some relatively insignificant changes (in the grand scheme of thing) happening at work that I’ll blog about when I can. For various reasons, they have more meaning to me.

Very hard to focus on much of anything lately.

Not getting much out of Warcraft at the moment either. Karazhan on farm, still want my helm and a few miscellaneous drops, but it’s already getting dull, and I doubt we’ll be progressing into the 25-man content terribly soon.