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So Hot Fuzz was about what you’d expect; if you go in expecting that, it’s about a perfect 10, but it’s not a good film.

I’ll leave it on that.

But while we’re on the topic, I noticed as I was coming home that there was a huge roadblock with cars and police ahead of me. It was still a ways off, but I could see a sign that said something “DWI” on it, so I assume it was a roadblock to check for people that had too much.

So, I turned left and avoided it, and went home without going through the roadblock. This wasn’t intentional, mind you, it just happened to be the way I go home.

But, if I were drunk, and didn’t really want to get arrested… wouldn’t I do the same thing? This seems like a very public gesture that would make good press, and be completely ineffective.