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We’re heading to Philadelphia tomorrow. Last night I spotted a lesion growing on Wiki’s face, similar (thought smaller) to the one she had previously due to allergies. Unfortunate, with it being near the eye that gets irritated, it meant that she was rubbing it open to the point of bleeding whenever she got the chance.

Sarah took her to the vet this morning, since we’re not going to be around, and she relayed this glowing report of health:

She [the cat’s doctor] said that the yellow-green tinge to Wiki’s mucous was an indication that she had an infection in addition to her normal allergies.

She gave her an injection of cortisone to help tone down the inflammation associated with the facial lesion, which is the same as what she did last time with the body lesion.

And she’s putting her on a once-daily antibiotic for the infection, in addition to keeping her on the claritin.