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Here’s continuing my notes from our cruise. At this rate I may finish up by Christmas or so…

Juneau was our first port of call off the cruise ship. We arrived Tuesday (dates and times stopped mattering too much, since there were only 5 or so hours of night, so I sort of lose track in my notes) I think. There were a few other boats in when we arrived, and the town was relatively rustic and flat by most standards, with a relatively small downtown.

We located our tour bus, and after waiting for the sufficient amount of people headed to the Alaska State Museum. The museum wasn’t terrible, but it was small, and we had more time there than we probably needed.

Next we went to the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery, where we met our guide Kayla. She proceeded to tell us how there weren’t actually any salmon there today, and described in detail how they coaxed them to the killing chamber where the salmon were “put to sleep with electric current, a sleep they will never wake up from. We kill them.” We then had 20 minutes in a horrid gift shop where they sold salmon stuffs, none of which was raised at the hatchery, since the stuff at the hatchery is human unfit.

It was very … disconcerting.

By this point we were getting a little nervous about the whole experience sucking.

Our driver drove us through the Juneau campus of U Alaska, which was fine, and then we drove up to the Mendenhall Glacier. The Mendenhall glacier was really cool. We hiked up towards the waterfall and took a lot of pictures; the glacier is just massive, and this definitely made the tour worth it.

We finished after the glacier at a place called Glacier Gardens, where we took golf kart rides up a hill, and were shown a scenic vista. The kart ride was a bit terrifying, but the gardens looked nice and the view of the airport from the top of the hill was a lot of fun.

A few more hours to poke around town and then we were on our way back to sea.