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So. Overnight we headed out of the Alaskan interior and into the open ocean. I woke early in the morning to rather substantial rocking of the boat. While the cruise ship has horizontal stabilizers, and these eat about 80% of the side-to-side motion of the boat, they do nothing for the pitching, especially if you are a good ways away from the moment of the boat (like us!). The size of the boat means that we don’t get little bumps, but we get large periods of motions back and forth. It felt to me, from our cabin, much like it was a large elevator moving constantly up or down over the course of 10-15 seconds, with smooth transitions.

Our in-cabin monitors said this:

So, we peaked at 73 knots wind over land and the boat moving at about 23 knots into the wind. For you math majors, yeah, that was over 90 knots on the deck, which meant we weren’t allowed outside. Waves were 15 feet. Looks sort of like this out the balcony (keep in mind this is nine stories above said waves):

So that sucked for a long time until we finally got inland again; I was very pleased to be back in smooth waters inbound to Victoria: