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Linus had a little talk at Google about the git distributed source control management project.

I rather enjoyed the talk, and I enjoy the concept of distributed source management. I’m not sure distributed source control makes sense in a corporate environment, where it becomes in doubt where the canonical copy of the source code lives.

It’s interesting, because it makes the concept of the “master” copy of the source code a social decision, rather than a technical decision (“Bob owns the trunk at the moment, go to him if you want to get something into our testing builds.”)

This is really cool for open source development, but I’m not sure it “works” for the corporate environment. Larry did a good job of asking this question mid-way through the presentation, and Linus did a poor job of dodging it.

I’ve been using git for a side project, but developing code in a vacuum with no other developers (read: no merging) is about as effective as test driving a car by sitting in it and revving the engine. So far I like it, just the same.