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To this point, I’ve always seen Pack-Timco vans at our condo complex, so that’s who I called when my heat pump wasn’t working, and that’s who took over a month to show up, provided a nice big bill, and said everything’s fine!.

Of course, everything is not fine and the heat pump stopped working the very next day.

I talked to my neighbor last night, and heard her horror stories with Pack-Timco. She’s had horrid service, they installed a different unit than she purchased, and has had a difficult time getting hold of them and getting appointments scheduled. Despite a service contract with them, she’s willingly paid other companies to come and do the HVAC service since the initial installation.

Who knows if any of that is true, but my experience thus far has been lackluster, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

In any event, I called up Hellas Air-Temp and they made an appointment to come out the next day and told me on the phone how much the visit was going to cost me.

Now, I don’t know that they’ll do any better, but the experience thus far has been a remarkable improvement.