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So for those of you outside the Fairfield County area, this is completely irrelevant. For those of you inside it, Hellas Air is indeed excellent. The technician quickly isolated the problem. He then showed me the problem, and I said “yep, smoke and carbon buildup bad, working good.” And it was good. He ran to the shop to get the right part, came back, replaced the part, verified it, and departed.

The amazing thing? Even with the replacement part, the bill was only $50 higher than the Pack-Timco visit that resulted in nothing but “seems to work.” Of course, this may have to do with the fact that Hellas only charged labor, and doesn’t charge $50 automatically in addition to labor, just for showing up. Better yet, the technician didn’t sit in his van for 15 minutes writing the bill and padding his time.

So for now, I’ll just say it simply again — if you are in Fairfield County, I recommend Hellas Air Temp, Inc for your HVAC service needs.