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Munich is Spielberg’s latest go of trying too hard to make something meaningful. I think what he’s trying to say is “it’s cool that Israel thought the best way to deal with terrorism was to embrace terrorism.” Note that that’s not what I’m suggesting Spielberg thinks, but just what the movie seems only to suggest. The brief attempts to interject some moments of “hey, maybe this doesn’t make sense” felt forced. I guess if that’s the point of the film, then Spielberg did a swell job, but it seems like an awful one-sided treatment of the topic, even for a work of fiction. Had the moments of doubt and contemplation not been so artificial, the film may have been worth watching. To make matters worse, it was also in need of some editing, with numerous pointless interludes and digressions that served only to stall the momentum the film built along the way. Felt like a bad and meaningless video game. 4/10.