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Blizzcon sort of sucked.

The long and short of it is that there just wasn’t enough interesting content to occupy two days. I think all told there may have been four hours of interesting content, and a lot of standing in line or in the back of an audience somewhere.

I attended several panels, and was left mostly thinking “gosh, they’re telling us stuff we already know, and refusing to actually answer any questions, this is really fucking fascinating.”

The playable demo for Lich King was completely pointless and a waste of time. A hack at best, it didn’t expose a single ounce of new content or capability. No questions were answered about the death knight, next-generation talents (the trees were as deep as before), or anything, so all you got to see was a little section of Northrend. With my flying mount, I couldn’t even see much of that, and short of killing some monsters for a quest, there was nothing to do. I left with only about 9 of my 20 minutes used up.

The SC2 demo was a bit better, I think it’s a game I’ll probably buy. The SC2 panel was probably one of the more interesting ones, but still not great.

I would have killed if they did a panel per class, 45 minutes of discussion plus 15 minutes of question. No such luck.

Lots of warlock hate. Lots of crying paladins.

All told, not worth the money, but it was fun to see some friends.