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I’ve talked a bit before about what a pain in the ass it is for a law-abiding citizen to buy pseudoephedrine. Seeing an absurdly long line at the pharmacist tonight, I decided I’d just give in and opt for the version of the drug that doesn’t contain the the stuff.

Lo and behold, while checking out, a manager had to be found in order to unlock the register for the sale of vanilla no-antihistamine nyquil. Yes. I’m not even being protected from meth lab ingredients and I still have to be horribly inconvenienced just to buy some medicine.

It’s bad enough when I actually want to buy the stuff and have to fill out a questionnaire, fork over my driver’s license, and wait in line. But if they’re going to screw me over for stuff that’s not even a controlled substance now?

It floors me that one can get AC&C over the counter in Canada, and I can’t buy cold medicine without a hassle here.