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Been a sort of sad night. Sad few weeks. The upside to not sleeping well is that I’ve been staying up hacking on stuff. It’s better than laying awake for hours, anyhow. I haven’t really hacked on much in a while, so it’s been good for me, and it’s more productive than dumping a lot of energy into a video game that isn’t really bringing me joy proportional to the effort.

I’ve been playing with Adobe’s Generic Image Library. It’s impressive stuff, and I’ve barely scratched the surface. I’ve hacked together a few dumb pixel buffer classes in the past, but they’re a joke by comparison. The thought put into the design of GIL is remarkable, and serves well to remind me I’ll never be a library designer.

Anyhow, I hacked together an implementation of the flam3 algorithm. It’s not particularly fast. It’s not particularly elegant. It requires recompilation for any parameter changes. The random number generation performance is abysmal (gprof says a full 25% of my runtime). I haven’t implemented some of the variations yet. But, the initial results look decent.