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Managing Humans was, well, a good printed version of Rands in Repose. As such, if you haven’t read through the archives of that, it’s a pretty thorough take on some of the management challenges/insights Michael Lopp has regarding software engineering. It borrows heavily (not by design, I think, but just by the nature of the content that results) from Peopleware and The Mythical Man Month, and seems only to share the good bits in common, which is good. Beyond a fresh take on a lot of the issues, the only really unique thing is that Lopp’s book spends more time talking about layoffs than most texts on software engineering management.

The typesetting is horrid. Most titles have characters running together and the normal text is also poorly kerned. There is also a certain amount of irritating cross-reference metadata, though this is partially (I think) a product of the conversion from hyperlinked blog entry to physical book. On the upside, it’s the only software engineering book (that I’ve read) that regularly uses words like “shit” and “fuck.”