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I didn’t mention anything about my trip out west last weekend, and that’s likely to stay that way. Not too much to say beyond that it was a good break, and something I needed, in more ways than I can express right now. I unfortunately did not take too many pictures of my adventures.

About a dozen of us went sailing on a 35-foot boot out near Marin; doing so, I discovered a few things about sailing. First off, that whole peaceful picture of a sailboat where everybody is just relaxing? Doesn’t really happy. Second, tacking is a bitch if you’re mid deck, especially on a small boat where you have to do a rolling dive under the boom in about a foot of space. Finally, even on a beautiful day, sailing is cold and wet. We were wearing the equivalent of waterproof snow pants towards the end, and it was a little disconcerting, for what appears at first to be a warm-weather activity.

But, there is something magical about it, just the same. I find myself fascinated by the whole of it, despite very little desire to become involved with it, if that makes any sense.

Update: Right, forgot the most fascinating part about the entire trip — Soup was on the same plane as me going out. This means somebody else has now experienced the plain truth: It’s impossible for me to travel without delays; the trip out was delayed a bit, and the trip back we flew most of the way back through Canada to avoid weather. To hell with air travel.