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I’ve talked about Opera before.

Once in September of 2005. A day later I rendered my verdiect. March of last year I talked again about Opera. This time I found it better, but lacking mostly because it wasn’t like Firefox.

Anyhow, my mouse died at work. I thought originally the problem was firefox, because things always seemed to be happening in relationship between firefox and Notes. The clever ones in the audience would realize the blame is going to the wrong application in that pair, but it was some sort of irrational state I was in. It was early. Forgive me. Please.

Anyhow, so I decided I was getting tired of Firefox. Specifically, I’m getting tired of just how much memory it chews up if I have gobs of tabs open. And how it just plain can’t handle a seriously long web page with way too much stuff on it. On a dual G5. With two gigs of ram (the other two gigs mysteriously disappeared the other day).

I’m not sure that Opera is any better at these issues, but sometimes I just like to change things.

I like the newest Opera. I really can’t find anything complain about that I didn’t complain about a year and a half ago. I want better ad blocking. Adblock Plus has no peer. There’s now a del.icio.us thingy that works great.

Miniature rant time.

Widgets are stupid.

Seriously, why the hell would anybody run widgets in Opera?

Or run widgets at all? I don’t get widgets. I think oh, this would be really handy’ and add it to Dashboard. Or Google widgets. Or Yahoo widgets. And then I never, ever, ever, use any of them. The only widget I ever use is the weather one in Dashboard, and I’m just as likely to go to weather.com because I want more detail. The system monitor would seem useful at first, except I always just open another screen window and run something from a terminal. Just like I don’t seem to grok ipods, I don’t seem to grok widgets. Especially in a web browser.

I really like Opera’s speed dial functionality. I tend to just have a handful of sites I visit all the time, and they end up either as links in my navigation bar in firefox (takes up screen space all the time, which sucks) or I type them all the time (what a waste).

I like that Opera doesn’t entirely suck ass with regard to OS X. I am going to delete any comments recommending I use Camino. There is no compelling reason whatsoever to use Camino instead of Safari or Firefox. None. Whatsoever. It’s my blog. I win.

So, uh, check Opera out, I guess. It’s ok now. I’ve used it for three days in a row, and I don’t hate myself yet.