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I ducked into Caffeine in South Norwalk last night after an aborted attempt to visit the Ginger Man and try some beer/hang out/whatever. Advice: Never go to the bar solo when you’re somebody like me.

Anyhow, walked in, and a guy who had been standing outside came in and looked at me from behind the counter. Judging by Boston Market and Quizno’s, this is the up and coming way to greet people coming to one’s fine establishment.

I requested a double espresso. The clown half-filled a double basket with stale grounds from the doser, and didn’t bother grinding more when he realized he couldn’t get much more than nine grams of espresso grounds out of it. He shrugged it off did quick half-assed tamp (no polish, to say the least), and inserted the basket into a machine that had obviously been sitting idle without any sort of flush recently. Mmm, stale group water. Didn’t time the pull (with insufficient grounds it was pretty fast), or really seem to pay any attention to striping or volume.

Needless to say, it tasted like shit. To be fair, all the technique in the world could not have made lackluster coffee taste good, but it was still a disappointment on all counts.

The shop itself didn’t look too terrible; funky but artificial. Trying too had to be like a coffee house, without any story behind it.

Overall, a complete disappointment, would not return; prefer Starbucks (shudder) 1/10.